Orbis Integrates Verifiable Credentials to Enable Sybil-Resistant Social Experiences

We today announced the integration of Verifiable Credentials in the Orbis SDK and Orbis app.

Profiles can now be associated with, and display, credentials issued by both Gitcoin Passport and Krebit. This new feature allows social applications built on Orbis to call and use Verifiable Credentials in their services. It is an important step in countering bots and increasing sybil resistance across all social experiences.

Use cases of the new Orbis integration include personalization of access based on verifiable identity attestations like verified Discord profiles, Twitter followers, ENS or Proof of Humanity. The credentials are also a secure and private way for individuals to demonstrate KYC attributes or qualifications, while controlling access to their full identity online. This has valuable applications across most verticals, from social recruitment platforms and education providers, to DeFi integration and DAOs.

How to start building with Verifiable Credentials

The Orbis SDK now has a new function to query the verifiable credentials attached to a DID: getCredentials(). We’ve already updated our documentation to include this function to make it fast and easy to start building. You can find the documentation here.

We’re excited to see how our community uses this integration of Verifiable Credentials. With Orbis Protocol’s social data standards and powerful decentralized infrastructure, they enable the next generation of decentralized, personalized and sybil-resistant social experiences.


More about Gitcoin Passport

Gitcoin Passport is an app that allows you to verify your identity without giving away your personal data. It works much the same as a traditional travel ID; online identifiers (both web2 and web3), such as Twitter, Google, BrightID and Proof of Humanity make up what we call ‘stamps.’ These are all aggregated into Passport’s platform, which connects to decentralized apps to validate a user's online identity.

Passport allows you to create a digital identity, prove your humanity, and cross-pollinate your identity wherever you travel in the online universe — all without storing personally identifiable information. With each stamp you collect, you are providing proof that you are who you say you are, making it the most secure way to build a trustworthy, decentralized profile to navigate the open web.

To find out more, visit gitcoin.co/passport

Learn about how Gitcoin Passport was built on Ceramic here.


More about Krebit

Krebit helps you import and own your reputation so you can earn with your talent everywhere. In their community of web3 professionals, you can build your portable ‘reputation passport’ for better job matching and token-gating, without revealing any private information.

Start your web3 professional career by importing your existing web2 reputation including Github and Stackoverflow, then use those credentials to join communities in Orbis or Guild. You can also apply for web3 bounties in Dework, Spect and more.

Krebit believes in decentralization of reputation for making the web more trustworthy, meritocratic and privacy-preserving. “Own your #reputation, earn with your #talent”.

For more information visit krebit.id


Questions about building with Verifiable Credentials?

You can connect directly with the Orbis team in our Developers Community here.

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