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Use our open social protocol to add web3 social features to your project in just a few lines of code.

Discussion Feed Module from Orbis

Integrate customizable
web3 social modules

Discussion Feed Module from Orbis
Discussion Feed Module from OrbisSettings Module from Orbis

Advanced integration with our SDK

Build your own custom integration with the

 flexibility of the Orbis SDK

Advanced integration with Orbis SDK

Available for everyone

Users can connect with their wallet of choice or their email address allowing for an easy onboarding experience.

User profiles enriched by their online activity

With Orbis, Decentralized Identities (DID) are enriched by a user's on-chain and off-chain activities.

An Open Network

Data ownership & composability

Being built on an open data network means that users own their social data and benefit from the composability of the Orbis ecosystem.

An Open Network

All-in-one dashboard

Manage your project with our no-code dashboard. Generate access rules, monitor social activity and fully customize your modules effortlessly.





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Orbis is committed to building the social infrastructure and standards necessary to realize our vision for an open, decentralized, and global social media ecosystem.

A robust architecture


Projects building with Orbis


Ceramic streams indexed


Verifiable credentials indexed

Launched the first explorer for Ceramic

They are working with us

Ceramic x 3Box Labs

“Orbis is making the promise of Web3 social a reality. Nobody else combines the flexibility, ease of use, and power of decentralized, composable social that Orbis gives app developers and their users.”

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Danny Zuckerman

Co-founder at 3Box Labs

Ocean Protocol

“One of the core challenges for a decentralized marketplace is to establish a high level of trust amongst users. By using Orbis’s encrypted messaging and decentralized social features, we were able to provide all Ocean Market stakeholders with the right tools to engage and communicate with each other - all in a privacy-preserving manner.”

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Andrea Armanni

Product Strategist & Marketing, Ocean Protocol

Davi by DxDAO

“We searched through all the options for decentralised off-chain storage solutions without compromising UX, but nothing fit our requirements. And then Orbis came along with exactly what we needed and in a super easy to work with package.”

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Software Engineer, Project Lead at DxDAO

They are building with Orbis

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