What to build for The Web3 Social Hackathon?

Got a great idea for decentralized social? Build it now during The Web3 Social Hackathon and learn about leading web3 technologies at the same time. From December 1st to December 31st, you’ll have nine different challenges with endless possibilities and an amazing prize pool of $50,000. Find more information about the hackathon bounties here.

In this blog post, our goal is to share some thought-starters on what you could build. In the end, it’s up to you to decide, but we hope the ideas below will illustrate some of the great possibilities using our partners’ technology and the Orbis solution.

Some ideas to build…

A web3 Twitter platform (without bots…)

Are you tired to be spammed on Twitter by bot or fake profiles? You can build a simple alternative during The Web3 Social Hackathon. Leverage the Orbis SDK to develop a Twitter feed in few lines of code, with all web3 benefits. To avoid bots or accept only “humans”, you can allow users with an active Gitcoin Passport, with specific verifiable credentials like Bright ID or Proof of Humanity. You can also leverage Krebit reputations based on verifiable credentials too. To make this happen, you have a very useful function in the Orbis SDK to query all verifiable credentials for a specific DID (user identity): get credentials().

You can even recreate the “famous” poll from Elon Musk in a fully decentralized way thanks to the Vocdoni solution. Of course, you could combine this with a verifiable credential, again to prevent bots from participating in it.

Quick Orbis SDK tips to build your project, the social feed could be developed as a specific channel which will be gated using Verifiable Credentials by using the vcAccessRules object when creating or updating a channel, documentation here.

A decentralized platform for content creators…

Out of 50 million creators, only 2 million can actually make a living from their work. It means that more than 48 million do not generate sufficient revenue from the amazing content they create. This problem is a huge opportunity for web3 to solve - could creators own their audience and content as well as generating a new income? How to build this new world?

Orbis SDK makes it easy to build fast and decentralized social features such as a social network (like Instagram) or a community server (like Discord) that enable all web3 benefits - data ownership and composability. You could combine Orbis with Unlock Protocol to generate a subscription model for those creators. For example, fans could buy a time-bound NFT easily and access exclusive content. This content could be a video or a livestream, uploaded and processed easily via Livepeer, a decentralized video infrastructure.

A communications platform for a web3 game…

As we are experiencing today, social networks can be many places other than Twitter or Discord such as a metaverse or a game. You spend hours on these platforms and make real connections with people. Imagine if you could bridge those spaces together and enable a seamless experiences for gamers?

You could build a chat system in a game for players to discuss with each other thanks to the Orbis SDK, by making it compatible with Unity (Bounty #6). Then, players could go on a community forum (like an embedded Discord-server) within the game website to continue their discussions with their in-game friends, also build with the Orbis SDK (bounty #5). We can even imagine, gamers moving away from their computer but still discussing between each other via a messaging app on their phone, developed in react native thanks to the Orbis SDK (Bounty #9). A fully unified communication experience that will build amazing relationships and could replace a traditional social networks.

A fun polling platform to play with your friends… or a useful one…

If you are following the latest social media trend, you should have seen the GAS App sensation. A mobile app to vote fun questions from your university or high school friends. How about we build it for everyone in a fully web3 way? You could leverage Vocdoni SDK to build a decentralized polling application and decide if only verified users can access it (thanks to the Verifiable Credentials). Orbis SDK can be useful to add some comments for each poll or enable private messaging between app members.

You could also imagine a voting system in a more useful application such as an open hackathon platform that lets members decide which new bounties could be posted, and/or vote for which developers will be rewarded. Vocdoni SDK can be extremely useful to build this voting system and Orbis SDK would enable social interactions within the hackathon platform.

In the end, you are free to build what it matters for you - so explore all solutions that are part of this hackathon and build awesome projects that will push the boundaries of web3 social.

Happy Hackathon!

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