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Orbis believes in giving individuals control over their online social experience through decentralized and user-centric applications and algorithms. They aim to build social infrastructures and standards for developers who share this vision of open social, where online identities are protected and individuals have the freedom to move between platforms with their followers, content, and comments.

Own your data and build your social graph

With Orbis, users own their data and can use it however they want.

The user’s decentralized identity is the only entity able to create, update or delete content from their social graph.

Discussion Feed Module from Orbis
Discussion Feed Module from Orbis

Bring your data with you

Applications built on Orbis Protocol share a common social graph & userbase while enabling a seamless social experience for end-users.

Decentralized but private on-demand

We believe that users should not lose privacy by migrating to web3 social. This is why we are embedding within our SDK many options for developers to build encrypted experiences.

Discussion Feed Module from Orbis

Orbis for Developers

Developers can start building decentralized social experiences with Orbis in a few lines of code. We made it extremly easy to get started with the Orbis SDK.

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